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Taylor Baldry Profile Taylor Baldry is a brainstormer, artist-designer and large-nosed person.
He lives in Minneapolis with his house plants.

Press and Media

– My short story “Jurassic Spark” was a finalist for’s “Select Your Own Adventure” story contest
– My “Japanese Butt Clinic” story won second place at the Moth’s Minneapolis/St. Paul StorySLAM 

The Conversationalist Project
– Article in Experience Life! magazine about the “Art of Conversation” and the Conversationalist Project
– Radio piece on the Conversationalist’s Cafe on MPR’s “All Things Considered
– Featured article about the Conversationalist in the Minneapolis Star Tribune newspaper
– Radio interview on WTIP’s The Roadhouse discussing The Conversationalist and Project Centaur
– Mentioned on Minnesota Public Radio
– Mentioned on the Amateur Traveler podcast
– Featured blog articles: The Walker Art CenterIdea Peepshow (the Fast Horse blog), Real Clear Science, BreakAway
– Brief mention of the Conversationalist’s Cafe on a Fox 9 News report on the Walker’s Open Field

Project Centaur
– Winner of GOOD Magazine’s Hand-Washing Idea Challenge
– Radio interview on WTIP’s The Roadhouse discussing The Conversationalist and Project Centaur

My Dream About John McCain
– Interviewed on NPR’s Weekend America to retell a dream inspired by the 2008 presidential campaign featuring John McCain, Vin Diesel and subterranean aliens

Bumper Sticker Campaign
– Article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune Opinion Exchange encouraging motorists not to hit me if I am on a bicycle through the promotion of Taylor Baldry bumper stickers