I am an artist-designer, community organizer, and large-nosed person.
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Greetings, weary traveller. I’m Taylor Baldry. I’m a multidisciplinary artist, designer, and large-nosed person living in Minneapolis with my houseplants. Welcome!

I create art and experiences that are accessible, entertaining, participatory, and that promote interaction and community involvement. My work has been featured on NPR, in GOOD Magazine, the Star Tribune, the Walker Art Center, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, and my parents’ garage.

I cut my teeth as a designer in the advertising industry, then jumped ship and moved to Japan where I taught English and ate rice. Since returning to my Minnesota homeland, I’ve launched a number of passion projects, including the Conversationalist, Feminine/Masculine Books, the Pangaea Station, and Grown-Up Club.

Currently I work full-time as a freelance illustrator/designer for a diverse group of clients in a wide variety of industries, from sales-oriented agencies to mission-driven nonprofits. My unique approach to visual problem solving means I can take on nearly any kind of project: video production, logo creation, social media ad campaigns, robot-based annual reports–you name it, chances are I’ve done it.